A little about me

I’ve lived and worked on the East Coast in Central and North Florida since 1988…licensed Realtor since 2015.


My mission then and my mission now is service to others.  I’ve spent most of my adult life serving those families who have made it their mission to serve our country, our churches, and our communities.  Whether you’ve served in the military, ministry, or motherhood - I’m your girl!  I don’t back down when times are tough and I’m the first one to plan the celebration event when we complete the goal of selling or buying your home!


I relate to children and families who experience constant transition while serving in the military, I was that child!


I believe in service to others and have served as disciple group leader, church administrator and worked alongside some of the best Pastors and men and women of God in Northeast and Central Florida for over 30 yrs.


As a mom I have worked tirelessly to make a home for my children as a single parent.  I fully understand what stability and security means from having your place of peace - your own home to celebrate holidays, family milestones and finding that neighborhood community that is filled with friends and families that will be a part of your life forever.


I would be honored to join you on your search for The American Dream of home ownership!


Your - All American Realtor!🇺🇸