Meet the hosts

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Mark Raumaker, a former stage actor who toured with Broadway shows, is now a leading figure in Orlando’s real estate scene and the engaging co-host of the Orlando Squadcast podcast. His journey in the performing arts, including touring with productions like Grease and The Wedding Singer, and captivating roles at Universal Orlando and Disney, set the stage for his successful transition to real estate in 2017.

As the leader of The Home Squad, one of Orlando’s top real estate teams, Mark has established himself as a top agent, renowned for his team’s impressive sales and high client satisfaction. His transition from stage to real estate has been marked by the same passion and commitment to excellence.

On the Orlando Squadcast podcast, Mark shares his unique perspective as a father of five, offering insights into family life in Orlando. A resident since 2012, he provides valuable tips on the best family-friendly activities and locations in the city. His blend of local knowledge and entertaining storytelling makes the podcast a must-listen for families looking to explore or settle in Orlando.

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Jonathan Speagle is an Orlando enthusiast and one of the top realtors with The Home Squad, specializing in helping families find their dream homes in the City Beautiful. Jonathan has become an expert on the Orlando housing market, neighborhoods, and all the amazing things this city offers. As a former Universal Studios Orlando Team Member and Disney Cast Member, Jonathan has an intimate knowledge of the theme park industry and the entertainment capital of the world. His love and passion for Orlando are infectious, and he can't wait to share his knowledge with the audience as a co-host of the podcast Orlando Squadcast.

Jonathan is a family man who cherishes spending time with his beautiful wife, Takara, and their two daughters. He knows the importance of finding the perfect home for your family, and he takes pride in making the home-buying experience a blast. In his free time, Jonathan enjoys exploring all that Orlando offers, from the latest restaurants and attractions to the hidden gems only a local would know. He is a true expert on all things Orlando and loves nothing more than sharing his insider knowledge with others.

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Meet Rob Stack, one of the co-hosts of the Orlando Squadcast, a podcast dedicated to sharing the best of Orlando with its listeners. As a former Disney Cast Member and Universal Studios Orlando Team Member, Rob's love for the city and its attractions runs deep. He's also one of the top agents on The Home Squad, a testament to his expertise in real estate. With over 15 years of experience in Orlando, Rob's knowledge of the local market is unparalleled. His background in the arts, carpentry, and remodeling, combined with his passion for educating his clients on real estate and sustainable living, make him a valuable member of The Home Squad team. He's also an Orlando enthusiast, always on the lookout for the best new restaurants, attractions, and hidden gems to share with his clients and listeners.

In his free time, Rob enjoys building acoustic guitars and DIY projects. He's also a proud father to his son and finds inspiration in science, philosophy, and making his family laugh. Rob's commitment to building lasting relationships with his clients and providing top-notch customer service has earned him a reputation as one of the most trusted agents in the area.



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