A little about me

Rob Stack is thrilled to be a part of The Home Squad team! Since moving from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Rob has lived in the Orlando area for over 15 years and is proud to be a resident of this incredible city! As a graduate from the University of Central Florida, Rob has a strong background in the arts and can be seen as a working actor throughout the Orlando area. Rob also has an extensive background in carpentry and remodeling. He strives to continually educate himself on the principles and practices of real estate, home repair, and remodeling and be a source of information to his clients. He strongly believes in cultivating a lifestyle of sustainable and responsible living. Homes serve as a foundation for the families and individuals that inhabit them. It is his belief that home ownership can be modeled into a gradual and progressive path towards creating long-term wealth. It is this path that motivates him to help educate and guide his clients into achieving their dreams. His resolve to build lifelong relationships with his clients comes second only to his promise to deliver unsurpassed customer service throughout the home-buying/selling process. When Rob is not hard at work for his clients, he enjoys building and playing acoustic guitars as well as working on DIY projects for his home. He is inspired by science, philosophy and, in general, people smarter than him. Favorite topics include technology and the positive potential it has for our society and environment. Rob’s favorite roles are that of husband to his wife and father to his son. Making them laugh is his favorite thing in life!